The Authority on Impact Projects


My existence is purely to create ripples of positive change, and travel to see new places. Everywhere I travel, I take a boat or a ship journey for sheer pleasure and love to find the most exotic types of chili.

The Authority on Impact Projects

Holding three decades of paramount experience in global-scale programme development, management, execution, and succession. She remains a successful entrepreneur in the decor and beauty industries in Bangladesh.

She has effectively managed numerous projects personally through Ascend International Limited and previously as a Programme Manager in the European Union (EU). Her expertise in designing, developing, managing, and promoting economic cooperation programs remains exceptional.

Her key roles in developing programs in the ‘Trade Related Assistance Section’ still remains relevant till date at the EU, as well as her strategic guidelines as a key member in multiple program implementation committees. Her activities included successful programme management with both multilateral and bilateral agencies such as UNIDO, ITC, IFC, GIZ and others.


The projects Rozana Wahab has helped implement not only illustrate her personal experience but also serve as an archive of the EU Bangladesh Trade and Economic Co-Operation Efforts over the past 3 decades.

Occupational Experience

May 2002 – Aug 2003

The World Bank Group-IFC

South Asia Enterprise Development Facility

Funded by: EU, WB, DFID, the Government of Netherlands, Canada

Short Term Consultant

Researched on training needs assessment on WTO capacity building of Bangladesh. Conducted surveys within Government, Chambers of Commerce, donor agencies and other private and public sector organisations involved in international trade issues to identify the knowledge base which is currently available regarding WTO rules in various sectors. In addition, researched on various sectors which have information gaps and conduct survey to identify such gaps. She identified further gaps in the administrative sectors. And prepared reports on Sub-sector Mapping: Agribusiness Map of Bangladesh, Publication: Country Map. Agribusiness Sector Bangladesh, May 2003, publication of SEDF, IFC, The World Bank Group. Moreover, further reports were generated on Investment Climate for IT Industries. Researched on Price Comparison of Agricultural Commodities on 120 products across Bangladesh to provided data/graphic interface for the purpose of linking up the information with the marketplace to reduce price variation.

Jun – Jul 2003

The World Bank

Institute of Business Administration


Research Assistant

Assisted in evaluation of Matching Grants Facility Impact Assessment. Matching Grants Facility was a project of the World Bank. The tasks involved assisting and designing the study instrument, survey design and coordination of field enumeration activities of exporters who received support under the programme.

Feb – Jun 2002

Military Institute of Science and Technology


Guest Faculty

Taught as Course Instructor of Business Communication (C501). Course designing and planning, teaching, and assessing students of MIST (the students were from military and non-military background). Course required exposing students with practical guidelines to business and communication.

Feb – Apr 2002

Bangladesh USAID


Survey Research Group of Bangladesh (SRGB)

Consultant Managed survey operation of 300 respondents across various organizations, accumulated response from the field level surveyors and analysed feedback on Assessment on Potential for Development of Information Technology Enabled Services

Jan – Feb 2002

Bangladesh CIDA



Conducted fact finding mission on Study on WTO Capacity Assessment of Bangladesh. Key tasks involved identifying personnel in Government who took WTO training and assessing the use of the trainings and estimating underlying gaps in knowledge.

Mar 2000 – Dec 2001

Project Management Executive

Provided hand-holding assistance to 100 exporting companies (SMEC) under my portfolio enabling these companies to choose innovative approaches to business with the ultimate objective of diversifying Bangladesh exports. Provided financial management of grants, assisted these companies to choose best direction for use of business development services to build their product and managerial competence for export markets thereby introducing a planning and execution culture and market diversification initiatives among exporters.


Also, verified needs by conducting visits to all the factories, refined export service development plans and presenting to the Board for approval, assisted the sector experts to assess needs and provide technical support to exporters and more.


Sectors under the portfolio included: RMG and Textile, Jute and Jute Goods, Terry towel, Leather Processing and Products, Agri-business, Frozen Food, Food Processing, IT, Bicycle, Light Engineering, Ceramics, Handicrafts and Cosmetology.

Oct 1996 – Feb 1999

Bangladesh American Express Bank


Financial Analyst

Tasks included assessing sustainability of housing sector to enable bank to continue financing in this sector, assessing Classified Loan Accounts of certain companies’ to enable bank’s decision making related to closure of specific accounts and discontinue relationships, and analysing company financials for supporting clients to receive financial services in corporate sector.

Jan – Jun 1996

Bangladesh Citibank NA



Conducted a study to identify transaction pattern and requirements of prospective depositors of mid-market segments (SME) for the bank. Also estimated possible revenue that the bank could generate by offering various banking products by assisting exports and imports. Researched on buying houses to assess target market size for Citibank NA and provided to the methodology of appraising organizations by applying financial information and accounting statements.

Jul – Dec 1993

CITech Company Limited


Marketing and Communication Manager

Key responsibilities included overseeing sales team and reporting sales progress to management, handling tenders to increase sales of the company, managing communication tools for promoting sales and raising awareness and as well as media management to ensure visibility of the company

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MBA, IBA, DU (1996)

BCom, Holy Cross College (1992)